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Our real estate investment course is broken down into three parts. Students can choose which class they want to enroll in. Classes are done via zoom.

Three-part live online course

BRRR Method

To buy or to hold - that is the question. Learn how to flip a property and earn from it.

Real Estate

Dive into the world of wholesaling and learn how you can earn 6-figures annually!

The Credit Life

Find out what the banks are saying about credit score and learn how you can improve it.

Next class happening in...

Join Dr. RaQ online on July 22, 2024 at 12pm for The Credit Life

Meet Dr. RaQ

Teaching people how to earn 6-figures annually through real estate.

Raquel Bonds Realtors is your go-to local real estate export servicing San Antonio, TX and Dallas-Fort Worth metros. Spearheaded by Raquel Bonds who has been in the industry since 2001, the team is dedicated to helping clients with their real estate needs.

Now her goal is to teach people who are interested in making more money through real estate and become their own boss.

Come and join the class, and start your journey to earning six figures annually!

Can't make it to the next class, or not sure which one to take? Let's talk! We'd love to give you more information about the course. Let us know how we can reach you.

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